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If you reside in Manchester, you will be well-aware of the fact that a well-maintained lawn is what leaves the impression of a good home. For this reason, artificial grass in Manchester is a common option. Let’s have a look at the different factors that come with the installation of fake grass in Manchester.
If you’re a dog owner, your first concern with anything is most definitely dog urine. You can take a breath of relief because our fake grass in Manchester is dog-friendly as well as has the capacity to absorb any bad odors. Your dog can play around and you don’t have to worry about anything. Neither will there be patches of mud that your dog will dig nor will your lawn ever smell bad. That is a definite win-win situation.
Golf course in your backyard
If you are into golf, or even if you just want a green backyard that looks as well-maintained as a golf course, get our artificial grass in Manchester. The pre-prepared artificial grass will remain picture perfect throughout every day of the year without the hassle of having to water it or trimming it regularly.
Installation cost
Other than the way it looks, fake grass in Manchester is also popular due to its lower cost as compared to natural grass. Artificial grass in Manchester is a one-time expense. After that, there is no other maintenance. A lot of people have a mindset that artificial grass installation is expensive due to the first time expenditure. However, in the longer run, artificial grass in Manchester becomes the cheaper option due to zero maintenance whatsoever.
Artificial grass installation
Our special K9 Turf can be installed in 4 easy steps.
Preparing the base
The first step is to have a strong ground for the turf to lie on. This step involves leveling of the surface. Then a layer of plastic batten is laid. This step ensures that any absorbed liquid, like dog urine, has a way out of the surface instead of leaving a bad odor in the grass.
Artificial grass backing
The next step is to add 4 layers of extra drainage. This includes 2 layers of dense woven gauge. Then is the layer of a urethane compound and then comes a 5-pick layer.
The K9 turf infill that is made entirely of natural products is added over this strong base.
Enzyme cleaner
This last step is the addition of an enzyme based cleaner. This prevents any harmful bacteria from growing inside the artificial grass. This step ensures 100% hygiene.
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We at Lawn World provide the best fake grass in Manchester. It is made of high-quality materials which is why we can confidently offer up to 8 years of warranty of any product. We have specialized products for satisfying respective needs of customers. We have a version that is specifically made for people with pets. Similarly, another version is designed for pavements. Another one is made for tennis courts. Lawn grass, Timber Sleepers, Indian Stone, and Decking are some more services we offer. You can find the exact product to fulfill your requirements.  visit website

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